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Lovely packaging from Charles S. Anderson for Pop Ink Soap by French Paper.
CSA has a great knack for producing work with a high attention to detail.

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This book focuses on a new trend among the young designers and decorators of Paris: an embracing of an aesthetic called “fait main”. Literally, this means “made by hand,” and in this case it includes not only newly created items fashioned by hand, but vintage objects as well as found objects that may have been be re-worked by a talented artist.

What unites them is the discernible “handprint” of a talented creator. In three words just “WHAT WE LOVE”.

Stylist Pia Bijkerk has discovered more than 50 shops in Paris that embody the spirit of “fait main” and where you’ll find the most original and creative clothing, jewelry, handbags, ceramics, home furnishings, and decorative objects in Paris.

Pia also includes boutique/ateliers where a designer has a shop and studio together, showcasing the most original and creative new objects in Paris, from handmade clothing, ceramics, handbags, hand knit baby clothes and toys, hats, jewelry.

One boutique offers with a highly edited selection of estate clothing allongside an exclusive line of vintage-inspired new clothing; another features  furniture and home décor by young European designers; another showcases paper and stationery made by French craftsmen.

Also included are shops providing exclusive French supplies if you want to make your own fait main objects: fabric, vintage silk ribbon, yarn, handmade buttons, flowers in feathers and silk, and more.

This is a book for all professional designers and decorators and lovers of design and decorating.

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My favorite book of the library!
Très très très … parisien …

It showcases examples of shop identity design, characterized by the coordination of interiors and graphics, the focus is obviously in Paris.

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La bella carta usomano, i colori utilizzati, i rimandi vintage della grafica e la bellissima illustrazione di Bianca Gomez in copertina, hanno conquistato il nostro cuore.

Presentato da una settimana il magazine di UPPERCASE, interessante realtà creativa a Calgary, Canada.
Oltre una serie di progetti di grafica, illustrazione e packaging con un gusto sognante ed un po’ retro, UPPERCASE pubblica e vende progetti editoriali curati, in uno spazio espositivo che è anche laboratorio, e cura un sito/blog che ha fornito lo spunto per il magazine.

Agenzia di grafica, illustrazione, casa editrice, testata giornalistica e blog… nonché laboratorio e show room …
insomma un sogno… la strada è lunga… ma noi sognamo comunque.